Janice Luzzi

What to Expect

   What To Expect At Your Massage Session



* After you fill out a Confidential Health History, we'll go over it 

   together to discuss health issues and your goals.

* This Information will help to structure the session to achieve your 

   health and wellness goals.



* You can receive the massage in any degree of dress or undress

  that you choose. I will will leave the room and only enter 

  after knocking.

* While on the table, and if you have removed any clothing, I'll ask you

    to be under under the top sheet and draping provided for you.  

* The only part of you that will be uncovered, is the part of you that you give

   me permission to work on: this can include: back, neck, shoulders,

   arms, hands , legs, hips and feet. 



* Relaxing music is at your discretion.

* I will will check in occassionaly about pressure and comfort:

    inviting feedback from you 

* If you need any changes with pressure or room temperature,

   you are incouraged to ask.



*  Hypoallergenic non scented lotion can be used on your skin with your 

    permission. The lotion can aid in the techniques used, but is not necessary.

*  Depending on the initial interview and session plan, your session can focus 

    on specific areas of muscular pain for treatment, and can also include non

    painful areas for a more renewing session.

*  After your session, I will leave the room and you can come off the 

    table and dress in private.



* The Therapeutic effects of the session are cumulative,

   so you are encouraged to discuss a follow up treatment plan

   to meet your health and wellness goals.